Cargo Movers: A Comparison of Paper and Plastic Pallets

Cargo Movers: A Comparison of Paper and Plastic Pallets

January 09, 2024

In the realm of modern logistics and freight transport, pallets play a crucial role in expediting the movement of goods and are pivotal to the entire supply chain. Paper pallets and plastic pallets, as two common materials, exhibit distinct characteristics in the process of hauling cargo. Paper pallets, favored by some companies for their lightweight and environmentally friendly nature, particularly shine in scenarios involving lightweight and one-time shipments.

However, in practical applications of freight transport, plastic pallets are gaining prominence. Possessing higher load-bearing capacity and durability, plastic pallets excel in the transportation of heavy goods. Their waterproof and moisture-resistant features make them more suitable for usage in humid environments, thereby reducing the risk of cargo damage. This has inclined some enterprises, especially those prioritizing cargo safety and long-term use, towards choosing plastic pallets.

In the ongoing competition between paper and plastic pallets, businesses are also contemplating how to strike a balance between the two. Some manufacturers have developed pallets that combine paper and plastic, retaining the lightweight and environmentally friendly features while adding increased load-bearing capacity and durability. This innovative type of pallet is gradually gaining attention in the market, becoming a choice with comprehensive advantages.