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Corrugated Cardboard Square Cat Scratching Board Gains Favor Among Cat Owners

June 14, 2024

  • Recently, a corrugated cardboard square cat scratching board has quickly become popular in the pet products market, becoming a new favorite among cat owners. This cat scratching board has garnered widespread love from both cats and their owners for its unique design and exceptional performance.

  • The corrugated cardboard square cat scratching board is crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly corrugated cardboard material, which is lightweight yet durable, capable of enduring extended use without damage. The special structure of corrugated cardboard not only meets cats' scratching needs but also effectively protects their claws from injury. Its square design offers a larger scratching area, allowing cats to choose their scratching spots freely and increasing versatility.

  • Moreover, the surface of this cat scratching board is treated for enhanced durability. It also features a detachable catnip toy to attract cats' attention, adding fun and interaction to scratching sessions. Many cat owners report an increase in their cats' scratching activity since acquiring this board, effectively protecting their furniture at home.

  • Experts emphasize that scratching is not only a natural behavior for cats but also helps them release stress and maintain healthy claws. Therefore, selecting an appropriate scratching board is crucial for cats' overall well-being. The corrugated cardboard square cat scratching board stands out in the pet products market for its eco-friendly materials, superior scratching performance, and durability.


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