Honeycomb cardboard

Does honeycomb cardboard need to be dried after production?

September 11, 2023

Honeycomb paperboard generally does not need to be dried like wet paper because it is made by compressing the pulp into a honeycomb-like structure during the production process, rather than drying it by airing. The manufacturing of honeycomb paperboard usually involves the following steps:


1. Pulping: Paper pulp is prepared, usually from waste paper or wood pulp.


2. Forming: After adding glue or other adhesives to the pulp, inject the pulp into the molding machine to make it the desired honeycomb structure.


3. Compression: The pulp honeycomb structure is compressed by a machine to the required thickness and density.


4. Cutting: Cut the honeycomb cardboard into the required size and shape.


5. Packaging: Finally, honeycomb cardboard is usually packaged for shipping and use.


Since honeycomb cardboard does not contain a lot of moisture during the manufacturing process, it does not need to be dried like wet paper. It is usually manufactured after processing steps such as compression and cutting, and then can be packaged and used immediately. However, factories manufacturing honeycomb paperboard may need to control environmental factors such as humidity and temperature to ensure the quality and performance of the paperboard.


Therefore, in general, honeycomb cardboard does not require additional drying steps.