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Innovative Cat House Leads Pet Market Trend—Swappable Corrugated Paper Base as Highlight

June 24, 2024

  • Recently, a new type of cat house has quickly gained popularity in the pet market due to its unique design. This cat house is made of environmentally friendly corrugated paper, featuring a swappable corrugated paper base. This design not only satisfies cats' natural scratching instincts but also allows easy replacement by owners, thereby extending the cat house's lifespan.

  • Market research data indicates that the demand for pet products has been rising in recent years, especially for products that emphasize environmental protection and multifunctionality. This newly launched corrugated paper cat house meets these market demands, incorporating a modern and minimalist design while making significant improvements in practicality. The corrugated paper material makes the cat house both lightweight and easy to assemble, yet highly durable and eco-friendly.

  • The unique structure of corrugated paper provides high strength and resilience while maintaining a lightweight profile, making it suitable for various cat activities. The swappable corrugated paper base is a standout feature of this cat house. Cats naturally enjoy scratching, and traditional cat houses can wear out over time. However, this cat house's design solves that problem by allowing the worn-out base to be easily replaced with a new one, thus refreshing the cat house, saving costs, and reducing waste.

  • Since its launch, the cat house has received numerous positive reviews from cat owners. Many users have praised the practical swappable design, noting that it allows them to take care of their pets while also practicing environmental responsibility. Users have also shared their usage experiences and creative modifications, further enriching the functionality and application scenarios of this cat house.


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