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Innovative Cat Scratching Board Hits the Market: Modular Design Creates Unique Triangle Structure

June 26, 2024

  • Recently, a groundbreaking cat scratching board has sparked widespread interest in the pet market. Made from environmentally-friendly corrugated paper and featuring a unique modular design, this scratching board allows users to combine three square boards into a stable and aesthetically pleasing triangular scratching board, providing cats with an unprecedented scratching experience.

  • Traditional cat scratching boards are usually single squares or rectangles with relatively limited functionality. However, this new scratching board offers much more flexibility, allowing users to freely combine and assemble pieces to create a variety of configurations. The triangular structure not only increases the scratching surface area for cats but also better adapts to different home spaces, making it a distinctive decor item whether placed in a corner or centrally.

  • The use of corrugated paper in this scratching board enhances its durability while being eco-friendly. The corrugated paper is specially treated to withstand prolonged scratching by cats without tearing easily. Moreover, the corrugated material can be easily recycled at the end of its lifespan, reducing environmental impact.

  • In addition to the basic scratching function, the triangular design of this board offers more interactive and playful spaces for cats. Cats can scratch and play from different angles, catering to their natural climbing and exploring instincts. For households with multiple cats, this modular scratching board provides a shared platform for play, promoting interaction among pets.

  • Since its launch, this scratching board has been met with enthusiastic reception from cat owners. Many users have noted that the modular design not only increases their cats' interest in scratching but also makes the scratching board less monotonous at home. Through simple assembly, users can continually change the shape and position of the board, bringing novelty and fun to their cats.


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