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Innovative Design: Corrugated Paper Windmill-Shaped Cat Scratcher Sets New Trend

June 25, 2024

  • Recently, a newly designed cat scratcher product has captured the attention of pet enthusiasts. Unlike traditional flat or simple geometric shapes, this cat scratcher features a unique corrugated paper windmill-shaped design. With its numerous advantages, it has quickly garnered high attention and praise in the market.

  • Firstly, the windmill-shaped design greatly expands the scratching area of the cat scratcher. The unique structure of the corrugated paper provides multiple scratching points on each blade, allowing cats to find a comfortable scratching position from different angles. This diverse design not only increases the cats' interest in scratching but also effectively avoids the monotony they might feel with flat scratchers.

  • Secondly, this design better exercises the cat's claws and muscles. Cats need to use different strengths and angles while scratching, which helps to enhance the strength of their claws and forelimbs. For active and playful cats, this varied scratching experience not only meets their natural needs but also helps maintain their physical health.

  • The corrugated paper material itself has many advantages. It is not only environmentally friendly and recyclable but also has a unique wavy structure that effectively removes dirt and dead skin from cats' claws, keeping them clean. Compared to other materials, corrugated paper is softer and will not harm the cats' claws, making it a safe and comfortable choice.

  • In terms of longevity, the windmill-shaped design also shows significant advantages. Because the scratching points are evenly distributed, cats are less likely to focus on one spot, which extends the overall lifespan of the cat scratcher. Even with prolonged use, the scratcher can maintain good scratching performance, providing cats with lasting entertainment and exercise.


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