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Innovative Oval Cat Scratching Board Made from Corrugated Paper Hits Shelves

June 24, 2024

  • A newly designed oval-shaped cat scratching board made of corrugated paper has recently hit the market, quickly garnering widespread attention from pet enthusiasts. This uniquely designed scratching board not only provides an ideal scratching tool for cats but also showcases its superior performance and innovative design in various aspects.

  • The most notable feature of the oval-shaped cat scratching board is its unique shape design. Compared to traditional rectangular or circular scratching boards, the oval shape better aligns with the natural movement trajectory of cats. When scratching, the curves of the oval shape can better guide their actions, making scratching smoother and more natural, thereby enhancing the cats' scratching experience. This design detail not only increases the comfort of the cats but also effectively protects furniture, reducing the damage caused by cats scratching household items.

  • Additionally, the corrugated paper material is another significant advantage of this cat scratching board. Corrugated paper is not only eco-friendly and recyclable but also offers excellent durability and scratching texture. When cats scratch, the unique structure of corrugated paper can provide a bark-like texture, satisfying their innate scratching needs. Moreover, the lightweight and portable nature of corrugated paper makes it convenient for pet owners to provide scratching fun for their cats anytime, anywhere.

  • In terms of aesthetic design, the oval-shaped cat scratching board is also highly appealing. Its simple and stylish design can easily blend into various home decors, serving not only as a toy for cats but also as a unique home decoration. Particularly, the oval shape allows for more flexible placement within a room, occupying less space while adding a touch of elegance to the home.


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