Material of paper corner protector

Material of paper corner protector

October 09, 2023

Paper corner guards are usually made of paper material, but the specific material can vary depending on the manufacturing method and purpose. The following are some common paper corner protector materials:


1. Kraft paper corner protectors: Kraft paper corner protectors are the most common type of paper corner protectors. They are made from kraft paper, a tough and relatively thick paper material. Kraft paper corner guards generally have a strong ability to resist crushing and tearing.


2. Cardboard corner protectors: Cardboard corner protectors are made of cardboard (cardboard). They are generally harder and have higher stiffness than regular paper corner guards, so you may choose paper corner guards when you want stronger corner protection.


3. Composite paper corner protectors: Composite paper corner protectors are made of multiple layers of paper or cardboard of different materials bonded together to provide greater strength and protection.


4. Cardboard corner guards: Cardboard corner guards are generally harder and more durable than regular paper corner guards. They may be made from thin cardboard or paper plywood and are suitable where stronger protection is required.


These paper corner protectors are often used to package and protect the corners of goods to prevent damage to the goods from impact, crushing or abrasion during stacking, transportation or storage. Choosing the appropriate paper corner protector material depends on factors such as the nature, weight, packaging method and transportation conditions of the goods. Different materials can provide different levels of protection.