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New Corrugated Paper Purple-Edged 2-in-1 Cat Scratcher Sparks Discussion

June 25, 2024

  • Recently, a new corrugated paper 2-in-1 cat scratcher with a purple-edged design has garnered widespread attention in the pet community. This cat scratcher not only boasts a novel design and practical functionality but also stands out for its unique 2-in-1 feature, which has been highly praised by pet owners.

  • The most prominent feature of this cat scratcher is its 2-in-1 design. Unlike traditional single-function cat scratchers, this new model doubles as a scratcher and a toy, providing dual enjoyment for cats. The corrugated paper material is not only eco-friendly and durable but also offers a distinctive texture that gives cats greater satisfaction when scratching, while effectively cleaning their claws.

  • The purple-edged design adds a touch of fashion, making this cat scratcher a part of home decor. Many users have noted that this design is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, adding a vibrant touch to their homes while their cats play.

  • In practical use, this 2-in-1 cat scratcher has shown numerous advantages. Firstly, it significantly reduces the destructive behavior of cats due to boredom. Many cat owners have reported that since using this cat scratcher, their cats' damage to furniture has greatly decreased, sparing sofas and chairs from harm. Secondly, the toy function of this scratcher is a hit with cats, offering not only satisfying scratching experiences but also more interaction and entertainment, helping cats maintain a healthy mindset and physique.


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