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New Elliptical Cat Bed and Scratching Board Gains Popularity Among Pet Lovers

July 09, 2024


  • Recently, a unique elliptical cat bed and scratching board has stirred up a craze in the pet supplies market. This scratching board, made from corrugated cardboard, is both eco-friendly and durable, making it a new favorite among many cat-owning households.

  • Reportedly, the design of this scratching board is distinctive, with an overall elliptical shape that serves not only as a tool for cats to sharpen their claws but also as a comfortable resting place. The use of corrugated cardboard makes the product both lightweight and sturdy, capable of withstanding repeated scratching by cats. Additionally, the special structure of corrugated cardboard effectively attracts cats' attention, allowing them to feel satisfied while scratching.

  • A cat owner stated, "My cat particularly loves this scratching board. It can sharpen its claws and also lie inside to rest. The texture of the corrugated cardboard is very comfortable for the cat, and it's eco-friendly too, which I think is highly recommendable."

  • Pet supply experts point out that choosing the right scratching board is crucial for a cat's health and quality of life. Cats naturally love to scratch, which helps keep their claws healthy and is also a way for them to release stress. This elliptical cat bed and scratching board not only meets the scratching needs of cats but also provides a comfortable resting space, making it a product that combines functionality and comfort.


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