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New Trend in Pet Collars: Luminous Collars Become New Safety Choice for Pets

July 08, 2024

  • Recently, a new type of pet collar has garnered widespread attention due to its luminous function. Unlike traditional pet collars, this collar is embedded with special luminous materials that emit a soft glow in the dark or low-light environments. The luminous collar not only adds a fashionable element but, more importantly, greatly enhances the safety of pets at night.

  • The working principle of the luminous pet collar mainly relies on the absorption and release of light energy. During the day or in well-lit environments, the luminous materials absorb and store light energy; at night or in low-light conditions, this stored light energy is gradually released, creating a continuous glowing effect. Unlike light-emitting diode (LED) collars, this luminous collar does not require batteries or charging, making it more convenient and eco-friendly.

  • In practical use, the advantages of the luminous collar are particularly evident. Pet owners can easily see their pets' positions even in dimly lit areas while walking them at night, preventing pets from getting lost or having accidents. Additionally, in busy traffic areas, the luminous collar can increase drivers' awareness of pets, reducing the risk of traffic accidents.

  • A pet owner shared their experience: "My dog needs to go out for a walk every night. With this luminous collar, I no longer worry about it getting lost in the dark, and it looks very pretty. It's a win-win."


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