paper corners

What are the shapes of the paper corners?

August 22, 2023

Paper corner protector is an item used to protect the packaging of goods, usually used to pack the corners of cartons to prevent damage during handling, storage and transportation. Paper corner protectors can come in a variety of shapes to suit different types of packaging and cargo protection needs. Here are some common paper corner guard shapes:


1. L-shaped paper corner: This is one of the most common shapes of paper corners. It has a right-angle bend, suitable for protecting the corners of the case.


2. U-shaped paper corners: This shape of paper corners presents an open U shape that can be slid into the top and bottom of the case for more comprehensive protection.


3. V-shaped paper corner: V-shaped paper corner is similar to U-shaped paper corner, but its shape is closer to V. It can be used to protect cylindrical or rolled goods.


4. Flat paper corners: Paper corners of this shape are not bent and are usually straight. It is suitable for situations where the edges of goods need to be protected.


5. Self-adhesive paper corner protector: This paper corner protector is attached with self-adhesive tape inside, which can be fixed on the corner of the box more easily without using glue or tape.


6. Custom-shaped paper corner protectors: According to specific cargo packaging requirements, various shapes of paper corner protectors can be customized to ensure the best protection effect.


These different shapes of paper corner protectors have their own advantages and applications when protecting packaging and goods. Choosing the appropriate paper corner shape depends on the nature of the goods, the type of packaging, and the conditions of transportation and storage. When choosing paper corner protectors, it is recommended to work with a packaging specialist to ensure the best protection solution.


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